Hamilton sleep fanfic

OK so this is going to be a collection where I post a new one shot every once in awhile. The couples in these stories will be Hamilton and Laurens, Hercules and Lafayette, and JMadds and Jefferson Schuylers, Burr, and Theodosia don't show up in this collection, sorry not sorry but comment if you wanna see any of them in a story ; Please comment if you want to see all the couples together eventually, right now I'm going to do each couple alone. Alright let's get this started with some Lams action!

Look forward to some JeffMads in the near future. He's definitely asleep, John thought. Yet another example of Alexander 'Nonstop' Hamilton. Lex, wake up. Jesus, he really never stops.

John recalled all the times Alex would stay up all night writing. Whether it was a new article for his company, The New York Post, or a email to the Schuyler sisters, who lived upstate and they rarely ever got to see anymore. This was why Alexander always smelled like coffee with a tint of peppermint, because that's what he lived on to keep himself awake.

You really should just be happy for him. John thought to himself. He watched his lover slave away at his laptop. He's extremely happy with his job and between that, college, and the constant attention that you require… John finally decided that it would be best for Alex to get some sleep. John closed the lid to Alex's Macbook, much to his dismay. Alexander whined as John carried him over into their bed.

That part. John got into the bed also and turned the light off.

hamilton sleep fanfic

He let Alex cuddle up next to him as John took his boyfriend's hair out of his ponytail and played with his hair. They remained like this for about 5 minutes, with the sound of their breathing, the moonlight shining on them, and each man's own thoughts. My Alex, must you be such a workaholic? I rarely even get to spend time with you anymore. I miss that. I miss us.

John knew he was so jealous of all the time his boyfriend spent on his career that it should be a crime.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Alex and Henry finally made their way to Brooklyn, their chance at a relatively normal relationship.

They can't believe their luck and Alex has lots of emotions. I guess I should write an Actual description, right? There's a new employee at the company, but that won't change much, right? Watch this obnoxious, arrogent, loudmouth bother, turn the workplace upside down. Lafayette gives a small smile at the sight of this and goes to sleep himself. If anyone could convince Alex to get some rest, it was John. Alexander Hamilton gets a scholarship to a boarding school in Virginia, leaving his old life in Charlestown behind for a better education.

Anxious and doubtful of his future, Alex tries to adapt to his new school and his 'odd' friends. In a world where people are in a permanent state of exhaustion without their soulmate, Alexander lives without the warmth of energy.

Just moved into his new college dormroom, although his roommate's a dick but he's trying to forget about that. Got an amazing girlfriend, but he's not doing a great job at being a boyfriend and he doesn't know why.

Maybe he should spend more time with her? Yeah, John's doing fine. But then he meets Alexander Hamilton. And then everything changes. Quite dramatically. Literally just as the title says. I put Alexander Hamilton in awkward occasionally terrifying scenarios because he just can't shut up. In that order.

Hamilton hasn't slept or ate anything for a while and that causes him to fall into little space after a cabinet meeting. The Washingtons are concerned about Alexander, and for good reason. Since John had died, his face had become gaunt, skin pale and dark marks imprinted themselves underneath his eyes, wings drooping and looking haggard. He had thrown himself into work since the accident and more often than not could be found passed out at his desk, face pressed against an important government document.While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Work Search: tip: austen words sort:title. As the conditions for the Continental Army only worsen, Alexander Hamilton mutters silently… mostly curses. Is Hamilton burning the candle at both ends as he fights and writes his way into victory and history? Alexander Hamilton just wanted one normal day, was that too much to ask for? He apparently pissed off the wrong person and got turned into a baby.

Now obviously unable to live by himself, Washington is taking care of him, which he so did not sign up for. He was just tired, that was all. He wasn't sick, couldn't be with all that he still had to do. On another note, did someone light a fire somewhere? Alexander doesn't take care of himself, and ends up delirious with fever. George is trying his best to help him. He just has to make it through the night. Alex over works himself and tries to use work as an unhealthy coping mechanism.

Thomas tries to help as everyone else but Hamilton shuts them out. I suck at summary's just please read! It's a trip out, just the weekend. Alex thinks he'll be fine, he's just a little under the weather How hard can it be to keep it from John and the people around him?

It's his life. Status quo. Until the new stage manager walks into his theatre and changes everything. When a recent argument leaves Jefferson fuming, he decides to plot his revenge. Little does he know that Hamilton is a little too sensitive to spicy food. Hamilton gets actually really sick and has to throw up a lot, but tries not to in typical Hamilton style. Please and thank you? I love your fics aah. If you are not comfortable with these topics, please click away!!

Lams maybe alexander laurens and a few other people are at a theme park or such but all the rides are making Alexander feel sick and he ends up vomiting in the middle of the ride or while getting off". If you do not feel comfortable with these topics, please click away!

Hope you guys enjoy anyways! Another one for whump bingo: when Eliza is out visiting her father, Alexander gets sick and comes to a debate anyway. Thomas Jefforson decides to make sure he doesn't die. This is a quick short historic Lams fic that I pretty much pulled out of thin air and managed to make work with what little ideas I had. It was all I could manage at the moment, and my friends really enjoyed it! This contains a sick! Alexander and a tired! My Laurens?Washington led Hamilton through the corridors of the house.

Martha had cooed and fussed over how thin Hamilton was, constantly filling his plate every time he took even just one bite. She finally stopped when George lightly admonished her, telling her that at the rate she was putting food on Alexander's plate, he would never finish his plate of stew.

After the meal, George suggested playing a round of cards when Martha noticed Alexander's eyes drooping. Martha immediately insisted on retiring for the night, after all, it was 3 AM and George also needed to go to work the next day.

Seeing the bed, it sent his mind to his own bed at home, and Eliza. Oh, how he had let her down. How could he have fallen for Maria Reynold's charms? It occurred to him that Washington might have spoken to him while he was lost in thought.

I've called in sick for you tomorrow, yes I know you're not sick, and I didn't actually call myself, but you know what I mean. Don't you dare come near the offices tomorrow, but I doubt you'd even get far from the house without Martha chasing you down and pulling you back in.

Okay, so first off, in case it's not obvious yet, I'm changing this from a one-shot to a maybe two- or three-chapter work, because I've written out some of the next chapter already, on that same train ride. I'm sorry this one is so short, I just needed to get the night out of the way, but I promise the next one is longer, much longer. I'm changing it to third-person because it's easier for me to add feelings and thoughts of all the characters this way, and also it's uncomfortable for me to write in first-person.

As always, I have no beta nor am I in need of one. As for any mistakes, please point them out to me so I can correct them quickly! Have a nice day :. Story Story Writer Forum Community.

hamilton sleep fanfic

George Washington finds Alexander in his office late at night. Please also note that this piece has also been posted to AO3 by me.

Did you say anything? Now, goodnight Alexander. Sleep in your office instead 2. Sleep in your house instead. The author would like to thank you for your continued support. Your review has been posted. Actions Add to Community Report Abuse.

Close Working Terms of Service.About halfway in, I nearly changed Washington to Jefferson instead, because I am such a hardcore Jamiton shipper it's almost sad. I don't think I'll be continuing this, but we'll see what happens. I walked down the hallway, about to leave. I saw a light on in one of the offices. I looked at the nameplate on the door, wondering who was in so late.

Of course it was. That man never stopped working. Glancing up at the large office clock at the end of the hallway, I realised just how late it was. Having heard no reply, I knocked again before pushing the unlocked door slightly open.

The man was sitting at his desk, furiously writing away on a piece of paper. He didn't seem to have heard me. Around him were stacks of papers, some for reference, but the majority of them were covered in what looked like Hamilton's handwriting.

God, did he really do all of this is the past few days? One of the stacks seemed as high as the man himself, hunched over the paper he was writing, seemingly having been unable to reach the top and had begun a new stack. Why are you here? It's already," He glanced at where the small clock on his desk was, now covered in papers, "Uhm, very late,". I know you haven't gone home for the past four days, so I must insist, go home Alexander!

He looked away from me and stared down at his paper. He picked up his pen and dipped it in ink before placing the pen on paper and writing again. Hamilton finished the conversation, allowing himself to be fully absorbed in his writing again. But I was not about to let this slide. I think? I can't remember. He had gripped his pan so hard it seemed like it was going to snap. He lifted his head slowly and stared at me, dumbfounded.

It looks like it's going to snap. Get your coat. You're coming home with me,". Story Story Writer Forum Community. George Washington finds Alexander in his office late at night. Please also note that this piece has also been posted to AO3 by me. He looked at me confused. It's already," He glanced at where the small clock on his desk was, now covered in papers, "Uhm, very late," "It's 1.

I was dubious. I had a vague idea of where this conversation was going, and I didn't like it.

Good night, Mr President. You're going home. With me," "What?While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. He held no shame in this fact it just meant he went about his day differently than most. Like keeping a schedule and routine. Avoiding Loud noises if possible. Getting upset when his schedule even if it meant not fighting with his rival, Thomas Jefferson, it messed with him. He's rather the fights than an upset schedule.

He knew he was a dick, knew he should change. He even started to be nicer to everyone, in fact, everyone except a little raven-haired bastard orphan, Alexander Hamilton.

Hamilton Can't Sleep Love

Sure he left most arguments in tears and sure it hurt Thomas to see him in such a way. But seeing him when they didn't fight hurt more. But Why? Is it that the poetic words that show up on up on body when his soulmate is stressed that seem to calm him? Or the way he could talk to his soulmate without ever knowing them? He wasn't sure until he met his soulmate during a bad storm that locked them both in the office.

When Thomas Jefferson returns to the states he moves to New York to hold up a promise he made with a college friend. But what happens when New York leaves him homeless and living with his boss? Well, of course, he falls for the boss's son only to find out the teenage omega is his true mate.

hamilton sleep fanfic

What possibly could go wrong? Well According to fate? I don't know you but this is a gift to you for a wonderful story and a hopefully wonderful spin off!!While we've done our best to make the core functionality of this site accessible without javascript, it will work better with it enabled.

Please consider turning it on! Remember Me. Work Search: tip: buffy gen teen AND "no archive warnings apply". Starting high school when everyone knows about your mother's affair with the English teacher is harder. Susan Reynolds never had an easy life. From her absent father to her family's financial troubles, she always had to struggle to scrape by. Now, her life is about to get a whole lot harder as she's going into her freshman year at Albany High, where nobody knows her name but everybody knows who she is.

The name tells you plenty. I'll update as frequently as i can and i have plenty ready to be published. You can request in comments and I'll probably fulfill your request. Oneshots doesn't always mean oneshots,some will have a second part.

I'll put a warning before if there's a sex scene or abuse but most won't have any. Yeah that's it,enjoy. A shame, for sure, the ways in which he was still desperately in love with the same man who hurt him more than anyone had before.

Please don't read this if you're triggered by abusive relationships, sexual assault, violence, blood, bruises, and the like. Stay safe, I love you. Thomas is Lafayette identical twin, after spending 3 years in France he returns to America, he will curse his second year of high school in the same school as his brother, and everyone simply must meet Thomas. OR James has "weird" feelings. Alexander is not happy.

John is a mess. Lafayette only want his brother to be happy. Hercules is concerned. And Thomas just wants to keep his secret safe. I'm tired of everyone portraying Thomas like an asshole even though he is sometimes so I wrote this And I want to say that yeah…maybe Thomas Jefferson was an asshole in real life and he did many wrong things, but the Thomas Jefferson of Daveed Diggs is just wow, at least it is for me.

This will be a collection of age regression one shots I write by request. The fic where Aaron Burr is the sugar baby and implied everyone wants a piece of him and to be his sugar daddy. John meets Alexander at a New Years Eve party on campus and they hit it off!

John's already engaged to his long-time girlfriend, Martha Manning. Soon, he finds his two worlds colliding and he must tell his family what he really wants.

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